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About us

Leader Tech is a world leading innovator and manufacturer of EMI shielding products for circuit boards, electronic enclosures and interconnect cables.

The company’s core EMI and RFI shielding products include:

  • Standard and custom circuit board shields
  • BeCu gaskets
  • Conductive elastomers
  • Advanced RF absorber materials
  • EMI/RFI ferrites
  • Oriented wire
  • Knitted wire
  • Elastomer core wire
  • Metalized fabric gaskets as well as shielding fabrics and tapes
  • Thermal Solutions

Products & Services


SMS – Surface Mount Shields

Off-the-shelf solution supplied in tape and reel for any volume including automated ick and place operation.

Standard and Modified CBS

Standard features for cost savings. Many standard features and custom modifications to suit most applications.


As close to custom as you can get without the cost. Designed and manufactured using proprietary methods that increase shield design flexibility while reducing lead time and total production cost.

Custom Shields

Our design team works with customers to develop innovative and cost effective solutions utilizing our in house fabrication techniques from prototype to production.

Multi Cavity Shields

These shields consist of multiple internal cavities sharing connecting walls, from simple two cavity shields to more complex, multiple cavity applications.

Tech Clip

Cost effective EMI board shield clip solution that allows for EMI shield placement on a PCB without post soldering. Tape and reel packaging.


Techsil Conductive Elastomers Conductive Elastomers are made from several different polymers and are mixed with six different types of fillers. These blended materials will allow you to use the same gasket as an environmental seal and for superior EMI shielding. Available in sheets, molded shapes or extruded profiles

CuBe Fingerstock Gaskets

CuBe gaskets mechanical spring characteristics far surpass all other gaskets and they offer the highest EMI Shielding effectiveness

Fabric Shielding Gaskets

Cost effective gasket structure is a combination of a highly conductive nickel/copper ripstop fabric and a resilient polyurethane foam core. Offered in many shapes and sizes.

Techmesh Knitted Wire

Designed to provide EMI/RFI shielding of joints and seams of electronic enclosures. Wire consists of many interlocking loops that act as small springs which provide for resilient all-metal conductive gasket with high attenuation characteristics.

Conductive Foam Shielding

Consists of resilient Nickel-Copper polyurethane foam which is layered between two pieces of conductive polyester fabric. This is for applications that require low compression forces but excellent shielding effectiveness.

Tech Vent EMI/RFI Vent Panels

Low cost EMI vent panels are the perfect solution to shield openings for heating and ventilation against electromagnetic interference. The Tech Vent EMI vent panels are constructed with aluminum honeycomb to maximize shielding effectiveness as well as air flow performance.

Techsil Oriented Wire

Oriented wire gasketing is designed for use in suppressing EMI/RFI up to 100 dB in the E-field/up to 50 dB in the H-Field while offering an effective environment seal between mating surfaces.


Microwave absorbing products are utilized to attenuate microwave energy from 500 MHz to 80 GHz. The unwanted electromagnetic energy is converted into miniscule amount of heat.

Tuned (Narrowband)

Tuned absorbers offer the highest amount of performance, providing an average of 20-30 dB of attenuation

Cavity Resonance (Narrowband)

Cavity resonance absorbers typically provide 15 – 25 dB ofattentuation

Low Profile (Wideband)

Slender, flexible absorber that can easily be added to an array of applications with little or no design modification.

Lossy Foam (Wideband)

Lowest cost solution for attenuating a wide range of frequencies

Reticulated Foam (Wideband)

Open-cell, light weight, low cost solution which can be used as an air filter as well as an EMI absorber

Pyramidal Foam (Wideband)

Gradual transition of impedance through the cones provides excellent reflection loss, specifically when applied to the walls of anechoic chambers.


Thermal Gap Filler

Thermal gap fillers are a reliable heat transfer medial which conform to surface gaps and irregularities to fill the air cap and conduct heat from a heat source to another surface or heat sink.

Double Sided Adhesive

Double sided thermally conductive tapes are very easy to use and can be die-cut to a variety of shapes and sizes.


Insulating materials are excellent for use on power supplies and connectors that require heat transfer while needed to be insulated electrically from components or materials in close proximity to each other


Graphite thermal gaskets are also known as graphite heat sinks and are used to increase life of electronic products by assisting in the reduction of damaging heat on components.


Ferrite shielding materials are widely accepted as providing the simplest, most convenient and most cost-effective solution for radio frequency interference problems in cables and connectors.

Snap-On bisected and solid bead ferrites

Round and flat styles for cables, wires and flex circuits

Low, high microwave and wideband

Frequency-Specified Material


  • EMI Board Shields
  • Enclosure EMI Gaskets
  • Mil Spec Conductive
  • Elastomers
  • Cable Ferrites
  • Thermal Solutions


  • ISO 9001:2015
  • MIL-DTL-83528H
  • RoHS Compliance

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