HEICO Avionics supplies flight-critical FAA approved replacement parts, and repair/overhaul services for aircraft avionic systems.

Together, these four HEICO companies: Flight Specialties Components Corporation, Inertial Aerospace Services, Optical Display Engineering and Sunshine Avionics provide high quality, cost saving solutions for complex avionic systems and avionic parts.

By partnering together, HEICO Avionics companies have achieved success from our team’s ability to fully understand our customers’ requirements and by delivering the optimal solutions that fit their needs. Utilizing an engineering based approach to finding solutions, HEICO Avionics is up to the task – no matter what challenges you may encounter.

We work with major airlines, MROs, Military and component suppliers. Let HEICO Avionics show you how we deliver.


Inertial Aerospace

  • Honeywell Inertial Reference Systems
  • Litton Inertial Navigation Systems
  • Level III Circuit Card Repairs
  • ISFD/ISIS Indicators
  • Fuel Quantity Indication
  • Engineering Capabilities

Flight Specialties Components

  • Push buttons
  • Flash tubes
  • Replacement LCD
  • Proximity Switch
  • Plastron - PCU

Optical Display Engineering

  • Liquid Crystal Display Repair (LCD)
  • 5 ATI LCD Repair
  • Military LCD Solutions

Sunshine Avionics

  • TCAS
  • VORs
  • ADFs
  • Radars
  • Transponders
  • Display Units
  • Air Data Computers
  • Flight Management Systems
  • CVR
  • Gyros
  • Engine Gauges
  • MCDUs
  • Indicators
  • Sensors
  • Level III Repair

Contact us

Phone: (954) 988-2659

E-Mail: avionics@heico.com