HEICO DEFENSE is a successful defense integrator with over 1 million square feet of design, reverse engineering/manufacturing, repair, overhaul, distribution, sales and support capabilities. For more than 65 years, HEICO has thrived by providing commercial, military and industrial customers with innovative and cost-saving products and services. We are a US Department of Defense Prime Contractor engaged in a variety of support activities to the Government including reverse engineering, manufacture and supply of aircraft engine and component parts, batteries, insulation products as well as repair and return services.

Capabilities and Solutions

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Value Engineering & Technology Insertion
  • Build-To-Print Manufacturing
  • Critical Safety Items/ Critical Application Items
  • DMSMS Management
  • A solution to parts often procured on a Sole Source basis
  • Dramatic reduction on material purchase and repairs costs
  • Increase in supply material availability
  • Reduction in PDM flow days and increase in aircraft readiness/ mission capability of the warfight
Capabilities and Solutions
Weapons Systems Supported

Weapons Systems Supported:

  • C-130
  • C-12 / C-26
  • E-4B
  • E-3 / E-6 / E-8 (707)
  • F-15 / F-16
  • KC-10 / KC-135
  • P-3 / P-8

Engines Supported:

  • CF34/TF34
  • CF6/TF39/F103/F138
  • CFM56/F108
  • F100/F110/F118
  • JT8D
  • LM2500/5000/6000
  • PT6
  • PW2000/F117
  • PW4000
  • T56/501D/K
  • V2500
Engines Supported

Defense Sustainment