Flight Support

HEICO Flight Support Group

HEICO’s Flight Support Group is known globally as the premier provider of high-quality and cost-saving aftermarket parts supply and repair solutions. These solutions include new parts design and manufacturing, proprietary Designated Engineering Representative (“DER”) repairs & overhauls, distribution and specialty product manufacturing. 

All major airlines are HEICO Flight Support Group customers. Our growing business also distributes non-HEICO-made parts, in addition to supplying critical components to original equipment manufacturers and the U.S. military. We are partnered with numerous airlines through innovative parts development arrangements.

FAA PMA Approved Engine & Component Parts

HEICO Parts Group (HPG) is the world’s largest independent supplier of FAA PMA approved engine and component parts for virtually every engine platform and ATA chapter, holding over 14,000 parts, and producing more than 500 new, highly engineered parts each year.

Component Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) Services

HEICO Repair Group (HRG), which supplies flight-critical repair and overhaul services for aircraft accessory components, such as Hydraulic, Electro-mechanical, Pneumatic, Avionic, Landing Gear and Aerostructures, is one of the largest independent component MRO and Asset Management Services providers in the world.

Global Distribution of Aircraft Components

HEICO Distribution Group (HDG), through its Seal Dynamics, Air Cost Control, and Pioneer Industries subsidiaries, is a leading provider of FAA approved component parts, and a leader in distribution for OEM replacement parts.

Defense Sustainment

HEICO’s Defense Sustainment Group is a successful defense integrator with over 1 million square feet of design, reverse engineering/manufacturing, repair, overhaul, distribution, sales and support capabilities. HEICO has thrived by providing commercial, military and industrial customers with innovative and cost saving products and services. We are a US Department of Defense Prime Contractor engaged in a variety of support activities to the Government including reverse engineering, manufacture and supply of aircraft engine and component parts, batteries, insulation products, distribution & logistics solutions, and repair & return services, as well as, engineering solutions and the execution of complex hydraulic system overhauls for ships.

Specialty Products

HEICO’s Specialty Products Group is dedicated to manufacturing high reliability, mission critical components for primarily aerospace and defense customers.