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Since 1986, Ironwood Electronics has been the go-to source for advanced adapters, sockets, and modules. Our adapters convert package and pitch between devices, our modules offer complete fully tested assemblies for component replacement and upgrade, and our sockets allow for complete component and assembly testing – from new silicone characterization and validation, all the way thru burn-in and high volume automated testing – always with the highest performance and lowest possible footprint in the industry.

Now in its 37th year with over 65 employees, Ironwood brings a combined knowledge of hundreds of years of engineering and manufacturing expertise, all under one roof in our state of the art 25,000 sq. foot facility just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota. Combined with our recent acquisition of the Grypper socket line, our continuous new product development demonstrates our on-going commitment to both our customers and the industry we serve.

While this website is extensive with many thousands of part numbers, it is only a brief introduction to our various categories and vast product range. With more than 10,000 standard products, and even more custom solutions, there are very few challenges we have not come across – we welcome your next challenge!

Products & Services


  • DC to 110GHz performance BGA sockets, WLCSP sockets, BGA sockets and QFN sockets utilizes smallest industry footprint that accommodates 0.2mm device pitch and above Device pincount supported up to 10,000.


  • Zero footprint BGA socket for Characterization & Failure analysis accommodates device pitch 0.35mm and above. Device pincount supported up to 3600.


  • Connectors using spring pin, elastomer and pin/socket interconnect technology provide up to 94GHz signal speed in a smallest footprint for prototype and production applications.


  • BGA socket adapter systems and Board-to-Board interconnection for engineering and production use of devices with pitch 0.75mm and above Device pincount supported up to 2000.


  • Solution includes high density PCB design & manufacturing, IC/component procurement services, automated pick & place assembly (both SMT & through hole), in-circuit/boundary scan test and tray, tape & reel packaging.


  • Quick turn custom solutions are our specialty. Example includes 30amp spring pin socket for DC-DC module, spider socket that mounts on to existing holes in the production PCB, custom configuration module socket etc.


Ironwood Electronics offers high performance test sockets and adapters for both engineering and production use of semiconductor devices. IC packages covered include QFN, BGA, SOIC, QFP, LGA, WLCSP and other SMT packages.

Our GHz line of sockets with 6 different contact technologies supports up to 110 GHz bandwidth, >=0.2mm pitch, <=10000 pins, 500K insertions and the smallest footprint in the industry.


Ironwood has created thousands of custom solutions for customers worldwide. A few recent ones are illustrated.

Ironwood Electronics has the largest, most experienced engineering staff in our industry. Quick turn custom solutions are our specialty, with some custom solutions available as fast as 1 week. Our engineers utilize advanced tools to design precision and quality into each product. We are dedicated to providing high quality services that meet or exceed customer requirements.

Many of our innovative designs incorporate technologies such as:

  • Controlled Impedance
  • 0.8mm pin grid arrays
  • Blind/Buried Vias
  • 3 mil Line & Space
  • Embedded Resistors
  • Laser Micro Vias
  • Shaped Solder
  • Flexible PCBs
  • Spring Pin Socket
  • Elastomer Socket
  • S-Parameter Simulation
  • Thermal Simulation
  • Custom Adapter Upgrades
  • Board-to-Board Interconnection
  • Custom Connector Adapter
  • Right Angle DIP Socket Receptacle
  • Custom Socket
  • S-parameter Simulation Capability


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