HEICO’s Electronic Technologies Group designs, manufactures and sells high-quality, mission-critical and high-reliability subcomponents and subsystems used in aviation, defense, electronics, medical, telecommunications and other systems.

Examples of the Electronic Technologies Group’s specialized products include hybrid DC-to-DC Converters, Microwave Latching Ferrite Switches, High Voltage Cable Assemblies & Connectors, Infrared Cameras, Laser Rangefinder Receivers, Memory Modules, Digital Recorders, Harsh Environment Connectors, Power Supplies, Amplifiers, Shielding and numerous other specialty items.

While most of our products are found in things that fly — like airplanes, satellites and missiles — we also supply many products to medical, electronics and non-flight defense systems.

HEICO’s Electronic Technologies Group is “making the things that make things work.”

Electronic Technologies Products & Services

Space and defense-related subcomponents are among the Electronic Technologies Group’s most significant markets. Our subcomponents are utilized in a wide array of commercial & defense satellites, aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Systems (“UASs”) and launch vehicles. Some of these systems are particularly well known. For example, two Electronic Technologies Group companies — Sierra Microwave Technologies and 3D Plus, supplied critical components on the Curiosity Mars Rover program which successfully landed on Mars in August 2012. VPT, Inc., another Electronic Technologies Group company, supplies all of the power converters on the latest generation of GPS satellites. Along with our dB Control and Ramona Research subsidiaries, VPT supplies critical components used in the principal UASs (often called “drones”) used by the U.S. military. On these programs, the Electronic Technologies Group components or subcomponents can be found in the air-to-ground data link, radar and other on-board applications.

In addition to serving our historical aviation, space and defense markets, the Electronic Technologies Group has successfully expanded into adjacent markets which require comparable reliability and quality. Today, Electronic Technologies Group companies, such as Analog Modules, EMD Technologies, HVT Group, Leader Tech, Lumina Power and Switchcraft, all supply critical subcomponents for medical equipment. Examples of medical equipment that utilize our components include diagnostic imaging systems, like X-Ray and CT Scanners, lasers used for dermatological, dental and other applications, dosimetry and radiation therapy. Other high-reliability markets served by the Electronic Technologies Group include harsh environment telecommunications, underwater testing and scientific systems. These markets are a perfect match for HEICO because they require the same engineering, production and quality standards for difficult operating environments that are required in our traditional aerospace markets.

Batteries and Replacement Parts

Used in aircraft applications for power supply and current control products.

Commercial Test Systems

IR Target Projectors – Target projectors are complete test systems for the test and calibration of FLIRs and other infrared imaging systems. HEICO offers target projectors in many standard and custom configurations for commercial and military uses. With the addition of IRWindows Test Software, target projectors become fully integrated, turnkey, hardware/software solutions.

Test System Standard Products – Products such as: Differential Blackbody Sources, High Temp Cavity Blackbodies, High Temp Extended Area Sources, Targets and Target Wheels, Collimators, Automated FLIR Test Systems, Dynamic IR Scene Projectors, Detector Test Benches, FLIR Test Software and Thermometers are available.

EMI Shielding

BeCu EMI Gasketing – High quality beryllium copper gaskets and stampings. BeCu gaskets protect sensitive equipment and limits electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference.

Circuit Board EMI Shielding – High performance CBS circuit board component shielding assemblies limit electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. HEICO has a line of patented products utilized in telecommunications, aerospace and microwave applications.

Laser Electronic Products

HEICO has a wide range of laser electronic products, which serve applications in the military, scientific, industrial and medical markets. HEICO’s proprietary products include:

  • AC and DC Input Power Supplies
  • Laser Diode Drivers
  • CW Arc Lamp products
  • Pulsed Flashlamp Drivers
  • Simmer Supplies and
  • Custom OEM packages

Lighting Controls and Systems

Lighting control and power conversion products used in aircraft applications. Power distribution systems for commercial lighting, including LED products.

IRWindows Automated Test Software

IRWindows is a powerful tool for automated multispectral system characterization which uses an intuitive graphical user interface to quickly configure and execute standard IR, visible and laser tests, store test configurations for one-click execution, and export data to other Windows applications, such as Microsoft Excel. Used by the military and commercial organizations.

Military Test Systems

Dynamic IR Scene Projector – MIRAGE (Multi-spectral Infrared Animation Generation Equipment) is the state-of-the-art in dynamic IR scene projection, using a unique design to support multiple test configurations. MIRAGE is more than a set of components to be integrated by the end user; it’s the most complete, highest performance, easiest-to use, and dynamic scene projector available to the IR test community. Adopted by the military as test and calibration equipment.

Program Support CASS (Consolidated Automated Support System) – Chosen by the Navy and the Army as their Support Standard, there are currently 60 of these systems in use. Some features are Lab, Flight Line, Depot and IR/Visible/Laser Test Systems for most systems, including the F-18 Fighter.

Program Support for ITAS/IBAS (Improved Target Acquisition System/Improved Bradley Acquisition System) – Laboratory and Depot, TOW missile and Bradley Fighting Vehicle. A multi-spectral test system.

Program Support for EOTS (Electro Optical Test Set) – Designed for test and calibration of the Navigation FLIR and targeting FLIR on F-14, F-15 and F-16 fighters, there are currently 27 being used in military bases worldwide.

Program Support for TETS (Third Echelon Test Set) – Lightweight (less than 65 lbs) and modular, this set is used to test and calibrate mobile and hand held IR/visible/laser targeting and imaging devices on the front-line of the battlefield. Currently, there are 60 systems projected.

Power Systems

Power supply systems used in aircraft applications to support emergency lighting and fuel shut-off devices.

Sensor & Amplifier Products

Used in laser and electro-optical applications, serving the military, scientific, medical and industrial markets. Products in this line include Low Noise Amplifiers, Fiber Optic Links, Laser Rangefinder Receivers, Photodetector-Amplifier Modules, Laser Spot Tracker Hybrid Sets, Fast Peak Pulse Stretchers, and High Voltage Bias Supplies.